About Sarah Michelle

In April (year isn't important) a woman gave birth to a daughter that she would name Sarah Michelle. That little girl would go on to be an actress, staring in a hit TV show, marrying a handsome fellow actor and having his children.

I am NOT that daughter.

No, I was born on a cold winter day in December (again, year not important) to a mother who didn't know what gender I was to be, so my name was last minute. I could have been a Lucas. But alas, I didn't have the correct parts for such name, so my Grandmother said to name me Sarah and I was given the middle name of Michelle after my Aunt (who would later have a nephew, my little brother, born on her birthday), who had the same middle name.

I didn't grow up to be an actress, nor did I marry an actor. Instead, I lead a pretty boring life that I love. I'm the mom to three awesome spawn referred to as Boy Child (12), Girl Child (also 12) [yup...twins] and Lil Bit (7). I raise them in a little town in the sunny state of Florida with my pretty epic husband, who I call The Hubs. We have a little patch of heaven here in the Sunshine State. I am a full time college student, taxi driver to the kids, head chef and boy am I tired. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.

That OTHER Sarah Michelle may have tons of money and fame, but I'll take my simple life, thanks!