Friday, July 7, 2017

Teaching Can Make An Impact

So, we all know that the OTHER Sarah Michelle is a famous actress and all that, right?
What you probably DIDN'T know is that, in high school, I was in drama and fancied myself an actress as well. 
Whitley County High School Drama Class 2000-2001
I really nailed the part of ditzy Fiona in the murder mystery place "Murders in the Heir". 

It has been almost 17 years since I was in drama (DDAAMMNN!!!), but I remember it like it was yesterday. I made a lot of great memories being in that class and a lot of the reason why is because of my teacher, a man by the name of David Sweet. 

My senior year, I took drama and Colonel Creations, which was a writing class. Both were taught by Mr. Sweet. I LOVED both classes because I learned so much and because Mr. Sweet made it fun. He made it memorable. Many of my teachers were just cranky old folk who seemed to hate their jobs. 
Mr. Sweet wasn't like that. Did he have his bad days? Sure...he was dealing with a bunch of jerky high school kids. But those days were few and that was awesome. Mr. Sweet loved what he did, something that was evident every day. He enjoyed teaching us know-it-all teenagers and seemed to forgive the fact that some times, we were just undeserving of his good mood. 
Mr. Sweet was down for pretty much whatever, which was really an awesome trait. He was always ready for a conversation with a movie quote or 5 up his sleeve. I remember one time, he was trying to get our rowdy group to quiet down and he said something along the lines of "If Donna Summer was listed in the phone book, how would it read? Summer, Donna....." only the way he said it, it sounded like simmer down. This is something I find myself using with my kids all the time. 
I've always loved writing but Mr. Sweet just strengthened that love with his Colonel Creations class. He was the perfect critic and our biggest cheerleader. I still have the children's book he had us write, though it is still missing a page. He never thought our dreams were too big and he always encouraged us to reach for them.

As a woman in her *mumbles incoherently*, I am friends with Mr. Sweet on Facebook. He keeps up with most of his students, past and present. This is something that I really respect about him. While he has 2 biological kids, he has hundreds of adopted kids. 

The fact that Mr. Sweet is who he is is why he is my favorite teacher. He left a lasting impact on me that is positive and that I hope my own kids will get to encounter at some point. His modesty doesn't allow him to really grasp the full impact he leaves on his students, but he changes lives in the most positive of ways. The day he leaves the teaching world will be a sad one, because there will never be another David Sweet.

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  1. I really hope he has a chance to read this blog post. It's great when someone loves what they do, it shows. But it's also wonderful to be able to tell them what they meant to you. I have a favorite principal from high school who I've reconnected with on FB. I'm not the only one, he has hundreds of former students who've friended him.

  2. LOVE THIS POST. I am friends with one of my high school teachers on facebook, one who was inspirational and awesome...then a former student who is now a teacher is also friends with me. He thanked me for being so understanding and helpful. It really is wonderful getting to experience this on both ends.

  3. That's so sweet that you keep up with an old teacher. I'm so old I'm sure mine have all gone to the other side. I think my favorite teacher was Mr. Walton although we liked to pretend that we hated each other. I knew I was his favorite and he knew he was mine. That was my freshman year and the last time I spent any real time in school. My dad died shortly after and I dropped out of school to go to work.

  4. Yes! Mr. Sweet truly is an amazing teacher. I was also in Drama and it was the best year of my life. He also genuinely cares for his students. 10 years ago this month, my baby girl passed away at birth. The doctor happened to know Mr. Sweet because we talked about where I graduated from and everything. He asked me if I wanted him to let Mr. Sweet know and I said yes. Mr. Sweet and his lovely wife showed up to her funeral. I will never forget that. It had such an impact on me. Just him showing up to comfort me meant, and still means, so much to me.

  5. Personally I don't remember any of my teachers and I don't think any one in particular made an impact on my life. But, on my talk show I have interviewed many teachers who deserve a standing ovation for what they are doing to make a difference in kids' lives. They are teachers with heart.

  6. What a great teacher! I am facebook friends with a few of my high school teachers and it's great being able to keep up with them. My choir teacher also went to my church growing up, so it made her seem more human to me.

  7. My favorite teacher was 5th grade. Mrs. Davis.

  8. Made me smile as I read your post. Mine was my typing teacher, sophomore year in HS. He told me I wasn't a good typist, but he loved reading my writing! Makes me laugh now, because I am still not a great typist,


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