Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For My Husband

You saw two kids 
Who needed love
You saw two kids
Who needed you
You saw two kids
Whose own father left
You saw two kids

Two full plates
One empty seat
You took them both on
Four year old boy
Four year old girl
Double trouble
But not for you

Thank you
For giving them something
I didn't realize they needed
Those four year olds
Are about to become teens
They still need you
I know you won't turn your back

Thank you
For giving our son his best friend
For giving our daughter a hero
For giving them what he couldn't
For opening your heart
To two fatherless kids
For giving them your last name

So much more than just a word
It's action
It's love
It's devotion
It's bravery
You are all of those things

This post is dedicated to my amazing husband. Boy and Girl Child aren't his biologically, but he has been there since they were 4 and the bond he has with them is amazing. Thank you, husband mine, for giving them the love their own blood couldn't. You are amazing.

Welcome to June's poetry challenge. This month's theme is Father's Day. See what my friends have for ya!

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  1. This poem gave me chills. I still remember the day the adoption went through and you all became a legal family. Matthew has shown your kids the true meaning of fatherhood.


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